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Final Fantasy XI - FFXI Gil Guide - Main
Provides different methods of obtaining gil including tradeskills.

FFXI Gil Guide: Final Fantasy XI Gil Strategy Guides, Hints, Tips ...
Introductory gil-making strategy guides and tips.

Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Top 200 - FFXI Cheats Free links to Gil ...
List of linkshell and fan sites ranked by users.


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RPG Expert - Final Fantasy XI
Collection of articles and related reader comments on topics relating to all
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FFXI Final Fantasy XI Information
Overview of the races, jobs, modes of transportation, shops, and areas in Vana'diel.

WOW Gold
Tracks relative values of currency in massively multiplayer games, displays data
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Square Insider | Home
News, forums, and features.

FFXI Stratics - Your FFXI Community Resource
Contains beginner's walkthroughs, story information, guides, PlayOnline news,
and forums.

The Final Fantasy: Exclusive Final Fantasy Coverage and Community
News, walkthroughs, images, frequently asked questions, forums, links, and items.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children / AC - Images, Characters, Videos
Fan page offers plot and character information, screenshots, wallpaper, magazine
scans, and trailers.

Games - Free Downloads for Games Software Directory
Free downloads organized by game genre.

Clan Wind - Final Fantasy XI
Asura server linkshell. Fishing database, Vana'diel clock, linkshell events, and
member screenshots.

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Inventory software for small and medium sized enterprises.

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