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    11000 Baby Names, Meanings and Origins at Baby Names World
    A large collection of boy and girl names, as well as the origin and meaning.

  • - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to Baby Names World! Our site has over 11, 000 baby names to help you find the perfect baby name

  • We have boy names and girl names

  • The boys names and girls names are accompanied by the meaning of names and the origin of names

  • Register for free and get full access to all our helpful tools that make finding quality names easy and fun! Quick Search starting with: () Name M/F Origin Meaning rating favorites Hindi Hindu Arabic, Hebrew American Hebrew, Arabic ?0yeRKWXE3zghZNH;4ucVbcU?7/tgS_IS_48JN'> Hindu Hungarian N/A African N/A Browse by Origin select origin Advertisement Filter search results by: Show: Boy names Girl names Names suitable for both Which: the letters (optional) And which are: characters long (optional) And the meaning contains: (optional) Origin/Nationality: Show only names with: (1 star) (2 stars) (3 stars) (4 stars) (5 stars) Don't show: names without an origin names without a meaning Advertisement General forums - - - PersonalNameAdvisors - - Baby Girl Names - - - - Baby Boy Names - - - - Pregnancy & Parenting - - - - - Our database has been compiled using various sources and feedback from users

    Baby Name Guide - Boy Baby Names and Girl Baby Names
    Boy and girl baby names listed by categories, plus other pregnancy services.

    Baby names - search boy and girl names by name meanings and origin
    A database of names with informative articles.

  • Baby names - search boy and girl names by name meanings and origin Baby boy names and baby girl names Articles and info to help name your little boy

  • Your guide to finding great girl baby names

  • The top baby names from U.S

  • Find baby names with a particular meaning

  • Browse a list to find your perfect name! Celebrity babies and their baby names

  • baby boy names (view the list in ) The United States' most popular baby names for girls

  • (View the list in ) Where celebrities create crazy baby names

  • Let generate your next baby name! Don't name your baby without reading these tips! Uncommon and overlooked baby name gems

  • You won't believe the effect hurricanes can have on name popularity! Baby names by letter , and Original YeahBaby baby names articles and info - The top baby boy and girl names for each state

  • - Government won't allow some baby names! - Alliterative names roll off the tongue! - Having Fun with Palindromic Names - Great names that can be used for a boy or a girl! - Great Baseball baby names - Great Football baby names - Baby names for twins - names for twin babies Looking for a name? Search for it here: © 2006 by


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    Baby Names Box - Girl Baby Names - Boy Baby Names -
    Database of names including categories such as Disney, literary classics, and biblical.

  • - Find the Perfect Baby Names and Their Meanings Search Baby Names: Baby Names provides one of the largest database of baby names on the internet

  • Search to the left by name, meaning, or origin

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  • The Baby Names Box has made it easy for you to search for the perfect baby name

  • At, we've tried to make it a little easier.The Baby Names Box was established in 2005 as a website to provide information, tips and reviews relevant to all things relating to babies and parenting

  • Here, you can search over 15, 000 baby names and their meanings

  • Tolkien names, Fantasy and Folklore names, and many names from the literary classics

  • With the many option at the Baby Names Box, you're sure to find the perfect name for your new baby

  • | Baby Name Origins: Our database has been complied using various sources and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the authenticity of the names

  • The contents of this site are Copyright © 2004-2005,

    Baby Names Meanings - Boy And Girl Names
    Offers baby names, meanings, and their origins. Also includes the numerology
    meanings for each name.

  • Search for baby names, meanings, and their origins from our database of over 40, 000 names! Choosing the right name is one of the first and most important things you will do for your new baby

  • Make sure that you and your baby will be happy with the name that you choose

  • Remember, your newborn has to live with the name for the rest of his/her life! For many parents the origins and meanings of each baby name are important

  • You've come to the right place! Our database is packed with baby names, meanings, and origins

  • If that wasn't enough, you can also see the numerology meanings for each name

  • Browse Names By Initial Letter To perform an advanced search define your criteria by filling any fields (Name, Origin, Gender, Meaning) you wish, then click Go

  • Advanced Baby Name Search Name: Origin: Exact Beginning Contains Ending Meaning: Gender: Both Male Female For a list of the most popular baby names for a particular year of birth, select the year and the length of the popularity list

  • You can also enter a name to see how its popularity has changed over time

  • All names are from Social Security card applications, whether the birth occurred in the U.S

    Welcome :: Japanese Translator
    Freelance technical translator based in Exeter, UK.

  • Latest addition Would you like to see how your name is written in Japanese? I recently added a which shows how English names can be written using the Japanese katakana alphabet

    Mel Blanc
    Filmography of over 700 credits, trivia, TV schedule and other details.

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    Baby Names and Meanings at Baby Names World
    Names, meanings and gender. Searchable by letter and origin.

  • Baby Name World has a large list of baby names from around the world sorted by origin

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  • Here you can find baby names meanings that come from all around the world

  • To begin your search either click on the letters below to browse by the letter the baby name starts with

  • Or click on an origin to find a baby name meaning

    Pokemon cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Nintendo Game Boy
    Offers hints and game tips.

  • On Pokemon Red the type of Missingno Pokemon depends on the letters in your character's name in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh positions

  • Note: do not use special characters in your name (i.e

    Absolute Anime / Gigantor
    Overview of series with character descriptions.

  • Anime Characters: Gigantor English Name Japanese Name English Name Japanese Name Dick Strong --?-- Is your favorite character lacking a profile? If so, please be patient

  • Anime Description: Gigantor Gigantor was named Tetsujin 28-go (Iron man 28) in Japan

  • The idea was simple- a boy named fights crime around the world with the help of a huge remote controlled robot

  • The names were all whimsical with characters such as Dick Strong who was a secret agent, and a funny policeman named who joined with, and on their adventures against enemies such as the Spider, Ungablob, General Von Que Ball, Dubble Trubble, Dr

  • A colored version was produced in 1980 in Japan named 'New Gigantor', and another version in 1992, but neither has been seen on Melbourne TV

  • The following information is from The 1980-81 'Iron Man #28' (Tetsujin Ni Juu Hachi Goh) series was broadcast on America's Sci-Fi Channel from 9 September, 1993 to 30 June, 1997 under the name 'The New Adventures of Gigantor.' There was also a sequel series, 'Iron Man #28 FX' (Tetsujin Ni Juu Hachi Goh Effu Ekkusu), about the son of the original controller operating a new robot (with Daddy and the FX-less #28 appearing from time-to-time to help), but I don't have much info other than it ran in Japan in 1992

    My Furusato: Home of Everything Japanese from History to Culture ...
    Brief descriptions of local Japanese art items, crafts, foods, history, and culture.

  • Have you noticed that so many of the signs and menus are not written in English, but in picture-like characters? These are called Kanji and are one of the three writing systems used in Japan (Katakana, and Hiragana, phonetic-based systems are the other two.) Over the years we have had so many requests for Japanese names that it forced us to shut down the service

  • HOWEVER, as of 2005 we have found a fantastic way to continue serving you and providing you with service above and beyond the call of duty! For those of you who could care less about the "story" behind the renewal of the "Free Japanese Name" service, jump right in: @ If you are a curious person who "needs to know" why we are back online click here for


    Japan FAQ--Japanese Manners and Etiquette
    Comprehensive listing of Japanese customs and useful for a quick contrast to
    other cultures.

    Mangajin #40: Japanese Ghosts
    Article by Tim Screech, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

  • by Tim Screech Obake , the Japanese 'ghost, ' is exactly what its name suggests: o is an honorific prefix, while bake is a noun from bakeru , the verb meaning 'undergo change.' Japanese ghosts, then, are essentially transformations

  • These were originally conceived to protect the newly dead from evil spirits, but eventually became just part of the ritual ornamentation of Buddhist funerals

  • Retribution or clearing their name occupies their entire being, and so they lack the roundedness of a mortal

  • A record is set straight, a smeared reputation untarnished, a name cleared

    Bright Lights Film Journal | Gohatto
    Examination of Oshima Nagisa's film of predatory yet militaristically idealized
    male love.

  • NOTES Japanese names in the text are presented in Japanese order: surname first, given name last

    Tamagotchi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia on Tamagotchi. Explains all the different types of Tamagotchi
    available, from the original 1996 editions, all the way to the latest Keitai's.

  • Contents [] Name origin and pronunciation The name combines the word for ('tamago') and the syllable 'chi' which denotes affection, so it could be taken to mean 'loveable egg'

  • Other than the code from the Nintendo DS Game, the passwords unlocked on the pet or on will not work on any other Tamagotchi, thanks to the username system on both Tamatown and the Tamagotchi itself

  • Main characters have dramatically changed, for example, Mametchi renamed to Uramametchi, and features a tail, Ura Kuchipatchi has a horn on its head, and Uramemetchi has wings

    Baby names by indian astrology -
    Baby names for all community. Also suggested names on the basis of astrology with
    meanings. Names for Hindu, Muslims, American, English, French, Germen, ...

  • Astrology Reports with Gems recommendations Astrology Consultations Boy Names Girl Names Suggested Hindu Boys Name with meaning :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Suggested Hindu Girls Name with meaning :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Suggested Muslim Boys Name with meaning :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Suggested Muslim Girls Name with meaning :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Email: :: :: © 2003 Member Indianet Services Legal solutions in 46 cities across India Vedic astrology & horoscope reports Indian / Hindu astrology & horoscope website Indian law, Bare acts website Astrology, Tarot cards, free horoscope reading Vedic astrology, Daily, monthly, annual horoscope Daily, monthly, annual horoscope astrology Baby Names, > Astrology, Tarot cards, free reading Indian Legal Economical Business Monthly News

    The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
    An overview of the genres, resources for selecting, and special considerations
    for libraries. Includes a list of recommended titles.

  • Note : All Japanese names are in Japanese order, family name first

  • The result of this can be a series of volumes for one long story, as is the case with some of the comedy and supernatural series of the talented Takahashi Rumiko , the adult political thriller by Fumimura and Ikegami or the equally adult Lupin III series by the unusually named Monkey Punch

    Marc Hairston's Anime page
    Information and images from Ranma 1/2, Nadia, Sailor Moon, Maison Ikkoku, Future
    Boy Conan, and Oh! My Goddess.

  • Hayao Miyazaki ( Nausicaa , My Neighbor Totoro ) is a household name in Japan

  • Almost no one in the US can name any of the people who produced The Lion King (though a sizable fraction can tell you how much money it has grossed so far)

    No Name Anime's Megumi-Toon
    Contains translated manga from the Megumi-Toons book with file size and page
    number for each image.

  • , 112 (especially for Dragon Ball fans)! 116 118 , 157 [ | Megumi-Toons | ] English translations, touch-up and HTML coding © 2001-2003 No-Name Anime

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