The UnMuseum - Oak Island Mystery
Features history, photos, and offers various theories as to the pit's origins.

  • Using a 70-ton digging crane he dug a hole at the original pit site 140 feet deep and 100 feet in diameter

  • A number of holes were drilled in an attempt to locate the treasure and better understand the geological nature of the island, but no gold was recovered

  • A video camera lowered down one borehole into one of these spaces recorded an image that looked like chests and a human hand severed at the wrist

  • Triton brought the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in to survey the island in 1995 and render an opinion on whether there is something valuable at the bottom of the pit

  • Why would the pirates duplicate what nature already provided? Speaking of nature, is it possible that the money pit is a natural phenomena, not a cleverly designed vault? Certainly there are natural caves under Oak Island and the depression found by McGinnis could have been a sink hole

    List of the caches found by this team.

  • April 14, 2006 - Violet Hole (Not!), AZ - Found! 1236

  • September 18, 2004 - Another Hole in One!, AZ - Found! 1166

  • February 11, 2004 - Wazowski's Porthole via Intel Inside - Found! February 11, 2004 - Fly On The Wall - Not Found

    A Texan Abroad
    Rhianna's take on the world and anything else that takes her fancy to comment on.

    POSTHOC: The Upfront Guide to San Francisco
    Some locals' lively opinions on restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, with a few
    side excursions into local sites.

  • - Susan , 2/19/2004 Untitled Document Place Pigalle, 520 Hayes Street, SF 4pm-2am daily Definitely the best place for an unpretentious glass of wine in Hayes Valley (the only one perhaps?), Place Pigalle is part gallery and mostly dark watering hole for the pool-playing, Puma-wearing, sestina slinging, microbrew-slurping HV hipster

  • It's small with only about 12 tables squished into the space but it's bright (too) and airy and not a hole-in-the-wall by any means

  • The stuffed basil eggplant, stuffed with ground chickie, made me realise that there's a whole world beyond pesto

  • It would be a crime to spend the whole night there, though, with Little Baobab a block away

  • Somehow going to Liquid is a whole lot less effort than Going Out Clubbing

  • info: BOOTY HOLE

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    Windows and Macintosh Shareware Games from Gypsy King Software
    Card and dice games for Macintosh and Windows.

    Platoon's Eye View of Guam
    Staff Sergeant John F. Reilly's account of the Guam campaign during WWII.

  • Around the dugouts and ahead of us on the coastal plain the red subsoil of Guam was turned to the sun in shell hole after shell hole

  • Tennessee), and I flopped in the same shell hole

  • He had a hole in the front of his helmet

  • We knew the Japs were ahead of us on Mount Alifan as we dug our foxholes, but they were quiet

  • Bazookman Bruno Oribiletti, Kenosha, Wis., a private first class, stopped the last tank five yards from his own foxhole

  • But we waited until they were almost close enough to throw grenades into our foxholes before we fired

  • His big toe was in the trigger of his rifle, its muzzle pointed at his throat and there was a hole the size of a silver dollar where the bullet hit

  • A man to our right was sure the Japs were sneaking up on him so from dusk to dawn we crouched low in our foxholes listening to bits of metal whiz above

  • But the yell back of our lines, "corpsman, corpsman, a guy is hit, " caused some to climb into the foxholes prepared behind the road the evening before

  • The Japs then hit their foxholes and shell holes

  • I fell into the only shell hole in sight two men dived in with me

    Facino Cane - Honore de Balzac - Free Online Library
    A young, poverty-stricken writer is invited to a wedding where he encounters an
    aging musician, whoo turns out to be the descendent of Venetian royalty.

  • To die for Her-- it seemed to me to be a whole life in itself

  • I thought to make my escape by boring a hole through the wall and swimming for my life

  • A whole month went by before I obtained any result; but whenever I felt my strength failing as I worked, I heard the chink of gold, I saw gold spread before me, I was dazzled by diamonds.--Ah! wait

  • I whetted the fragment of my blade and cut a hole; I crept on my belly like a serpent; I worked naked and mole-fashion, my hands in front of me, using the stone itself to gain a purchase

  • 'Judge of my surprise when I applied my eye to the hole

  • In a single night the hole was enlarged, and we dropped down into the Secret Treasury of Venice -- The News
    Contains a blog, rants, interviews, links and photos.

  • I’ll then peek back into the barn and find out that you’ve moved on from my childhood’s freshly shredded anus to the newly opened colostomy bag hole

  • I remember watching her go through the whole process of getting used to cameras in your face, performing under pressure, and dealing with (god bless him) Simon's Bullshit

  • Human beings are stupid, and we often become a**holes when we get old

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    Stalin's Secret Wars in Norway
    An article by Eric Lee about Stalin's Norwegian policies.

    Hitler's Capital by James S. Plaut
    Part II of an article by James S. Plaut, in which he tells the story of retrieving
    and collecting of masterpieces looted by Rosenberg, Goring, and Hitler and ...

    Colonial Williamsburg Journal
    Contains a detailed biography of Edward Teach.

  • An inlet not far from the present town of Ocracoke is known today as "Teach's Hole." Here, tradition has it, he careened his ships for repair

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    The World's Only Blog » Test title
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  • Okay, so “…I show you how far the rabbit hole goes” is actually a reference to the (much less literary) film The Matrix

  • They all just stand there, looking and talking, talking and looking, like a bunch of talking, looking assholes at a party

    Toonhound - Rex The Runt
    Offers a concise description of the show, with production details and a list of

    Em & Lo
    Offering advice for the modern bedroom.

  • If Em looks a tad shiny and squirmy, it's because she filmed her segment in a hole in the wall in Albany (a.k.a

  • Meaning, they take that whole 'fill up your life and you'll meet him' thing so seriously that they don't have any free time left for love

    Wild Western Stories : Arthur's XML Collection
    Classic Western pulp fiction at Arthur's Classic Novels More than 100 online
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  • From the low night sky, with its myriad fire points, a large bright star peeped in at the smoke-hole of the wigwam between its fluttering lapels     by Martha Summerhayes I came to know, as their guest, the best of old military society

  • The whole camp was collected before a rude cabin on the outer edge of the clearing

    Explorer and conqueror, born at Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain, 1496 or
    1500; died on the banks of the Mississippi the latter part of June, 1542.

  • The whole squadron set sail from Sanlúcar, 6 April, 1538

  • His companions buried the body in a large hole which the had dug near one of their villages to get materials to build their houses

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  • 8.6 When flying, do you imagine your plane crashing? Through the whole flight Only on take-off and landing Take-off only Landing only Before I get to the airport All of the above !! ansamancom is around

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