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    Body Art & Tattoos Ring
    Listing of sites containing contemporary skin art designs. Includes a member site
    list and joining instructions.

    Steel Skin Internally Threaded Body Jewelry
    Titanium, acrylic, gold, stainless steel and gemstone body jewelry. Wholesale section
    also available.

  • We'll be posting some photos soon on our site so check back soon! Posted by: Cesar Niobium Plugs November 9, 2005, 6:14 pm Posted by: Cesar Spirals and Corkscrews November 2, 2005, 6:14 pm Posted by: Cesar Back in Black October 26, 2005, 2:36 pm Posted by: Cesar Support Steel Skin February 14, 2005, 4:42 pm Show your support for Steel Skin with e-buttons


  • latest photo from ThatGoddess posted on May 25, 2006, 12:16 pm browse participate WINAMP SKIN sorry mac heads

    Ink Master Tattoo , IronFactory Tattoo Machines
    Artist list and portfolios, a flash section, and an image gallery. Available in
    Italian and English. [Pescara, Italy]

    Body Jewelry & Body Piercing Jewelry by Body Circle Designs
    Handcrafted 316LVM stainless steel and 14K gold body piercing jewelry including
    barbells, captive bead rings, navel jewelry, labrets, tongue jewelry, ...

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    Tattoo Ring
    Guidelines and HTML code. Open to any form of body modification.

    Europierce Body Jewellery, Body Piercing Jewellery Shop, Belly ...
    Product selection searchable by body part or material type. Slide show of products
    and an image gallery of piercers work. Submissions accepted.

    Absolute Body Art
    Accepts sites pertaining to all forms of bodyart. Contains a member site list,
    joining instructions, and HTML code.

    ORGANIC: Natural Body Jewelry
    Wholesale to the trade natural body jewelry such as bone, stone, horn, wood,
    bamboo, jet, ethnic, and tribal.

  • T-shirts and hoodies , information on items with our designs on them from Cafepress, poppy mandala belt buckles, silver poppy bud or fancy Thai hairsticks, a color photo of a Nepalese woman, Nepalese decorated goat skulls, oval cloth-covered boxes, mounted butterflies, iridescent beetles, and dragonflies, amber and jade dice, Akha metal belts, a branding iron, publications (including Blake's book A Brief History of the Evolution of Body Adornment in Western Culture: Ancient Origins and Today and I Am Not My Body ), New Guinea phallocrypts, a patch, Dayak wallhangings, Chinese lotus shoes..

  • This page contains a gallery of photos of customers wearing our body jewelry

  • Feel free to send in good quality photos or scans showing Organic jewelry in use! This has banners for linking to us and our links to other sites, with themes such as cultural anthropology, information on endangered species, and a few from close friends and family

  • Feel free to link to it! APP PHOTOS: Links to pictures from 2005's expo and convention in Las Vegas can be seen, along with links to others' sites with more shots


    Primitive Body Piercing
    Sections on piercing, scarification, branding, and henna, as well as various
    image galleries, contact details, and a jewelry gallery, and an antique tattoo area ...

  • For more information on hand tattooing or appointments please email © Primitive Body Piercing 2006 | website by tattoos tattoo tatoo tatto tattoed tattoes traditional tribal scarification mods modifications branding indigenous tools flash hand custom plugs body skin art pierce piercings mehndi henna temporary permanent tats genital peirce pictures gallery female male designs tribal photos nipple tongue navel belly aftercare safety safe rings barbells jewelry guage gauge flash piercing Pierce Piercing body jewelry design tatoo primitive tribal traditional tattoo

    Tattoo & Piercing Communities
    Member list, information on joining, and ringmaster contact details.

    Body Piercing Gold Coast - Flesh Impressions Body Piercing
    Gold Coast studio offering a range of body piercing services and body jewellery.
    Contains images, piercing information, pricing and links.

    CELEBRITY TATTOOS :: Tattoos, celebrities, historical figures ...
    Descriptions and photos of tattoos worn by historical figures and modern day

  • DIRECTORY OF CELEBRITY TATTOOS SORTED BY LAST NAMES: Looking for more? Check out and , for the latest news, bios, photos and more

    Jinx Proof Tattoo and Body Piercing
    Shop offering a variety of tattoo designs, custom art, and professional body piercing.

  • All pictures, photos, & logos may not be reproduced without permission

    Blood & Ink Webring
    Accepts those interested and active in the body adornment lifestyle. Member information
    and list.

    naked steel piercings - piercingstudio berlin friedrichshain ...
    Das Piercingstudio in Friedrichshain stellt sich vor und bietet außer Piercing
    und Body-Modification eine Auswahl an handgemachtem Piercingschmuck.

    Provides hand paintings, Celtic chiffons, embroideries, Africa theme and sarong

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