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  • Welcome to "The Intense Workout!" Your search is over! You have found your one stop site for completely FREE information about everything related to weightlifting, bodybuilding and fitness, workout routines, workout programs and splits, weight loss and losing fat, how to gain weight and muscle mass naturally (steroid and drug free), descriptions of exercises for each muscle group, supplements, diet and nutrition including step by step specific weight loss diets and weight gain diets, plus every thing else you need to know in order to get the body you want! And yes, that was not a typo, everything on this web site is 100% FREE! I'm not trying to sell you a damn thing! This is a weightlifting and fitness site that I (just a guy, not some big company) designed in my free time to help people get the results they want

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  • How do you train? Bodybuilding routines welcome

  • 8/11/2006 6:11:56 PM Post your current training routine if you want someone to take a look at your training and advise accordingly

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  • Learn tested training routines for uccessful workouts

  • * average increase in strength: 70.2% in 30 days * Complete routines * Easily keep track of your progress * Helps you set optimal goals to achieve best results Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" contains all the information you'll ever need to help you melt away body fat permanently


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  • Here’s why: A small group of personal trainers and strength coaches from the United States and Canada have just released in public - for the first time ever in writing - the exact workout routines and diet programs they use to produce remarkable 30 day transformations for their private clients

  • After that, your results will slowly begin to flat-line as your body becomes accustomed to the same routine

  • But changing your routines at random isn’t good enough – you need a plan - and that’s where this new “All-Star Trainer’s” program comes in

  • In this course, you will not only discover how to meet all three conditions necessary for fast muscle growth and fat loss, you will also receive the actual day by day, pre-planned routines you need to blast right through any sticking point

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  • Check Out: Shopping Top 15 Posing routines

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  • Benefits

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  • Occasionally this routine will be preformed in the morning (Pre-Judging) as well

  • During this routine you will be allowed up to 90 seconds to emphasize what you consider to be your strong points

  • Therefore, put together a routine that emphasis's your strong points hides your weak areas

  • For instance, if you do not have a good lat-spread than leave the front and rear lat spread poses out of your routine

  • Similarly, if you lack calf development than I would not insert a double calf raise into the routine - Arnold Schwarzenegger routine
    Article from, with information on Arnold's workout routine, including
    his philosophy and suggestions.

  • > > > Schwarzenegger's Workout Routine By Fitness Specialist - Every 2nd Thursday PAGES: | Just about everyone who walks the face of the earth has heard of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Because so many guys want to know how Ah-nuld did it, I've decided to recap his bodybuilding tips, principles and routines to help any aspiring or veteran bodybuilder learn from the best

  • He favored execution and the moment over strict routines

  • According to him, it is preferable to spend more time at the gym doing your sets and reps properly rather than rush through your routine, see no results and ultimately give up

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  • I watch this DVD every single day before training and at night to get my mindset ready for the next day's routine


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  • You can progress as long as the weightlifting routine is working and our routines work

  • pages for Training Routines, Nutrition, Bodybuilding Supplements and Lifting Equipment A Complete Weight Training - Weight Lifting - Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Information Center and For more information (c) Copyright 2000 / / / / /

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  • Body building 45 minutes, 5 times a week was my fitness routine; however, at 30 I stopped all fitness exercise

  • My fitness routine today (2003) consists of an hour of walking, 20 minutes of body building, 15 minutes of stomach exercises 5 to 6 times a week

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  • (Zach Bashore) An article about how to spice up your workout with some gut-busting exercises Bench Press periodization routine Bench Press plateau periodization routine (Reichart M) A comprehensive look at the proper way to perform the best exercises (Adrian) A How-to Guide (Tom McCullough) For beginners or advanced lifters (Adrian) Humor / Funny I'm sure you've seen one of these in your gym! (Calvin Hass) How to become Mr

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  • This innovative dumbbell with it's unique patent-pending design will allow you to add a totally innovative exercise routine to your current training regimen

  • Heavy Sports has Heavy Sports is proud to introduce the innovative new Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell This innovative dumbbell with it's unique patent-pending design will allow you to add a totally innovative exercise routine to your current training regimen

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  • by following an abbreviated/hardgainer training routine you can realize your fitness goals

  • i setup a home gym for the cost of one years subscription to a commercial gym and started using hardgainer style routines

  • don't be fooled though, just because the routines are abbreviated does not mean they are easy.

  • i can't count the number of routines i have seen that if performed by the normal gainer will not only yield no gains but could possibly result in the loss of hard earned muscle mass

  • tell us your successes, help a fellow trainee with a routine or offer words of encouragement

  • The trick here to perform this routine slowly, while isolating shoulders and traps

  • Muscle-training should never stick to the same training routine

    Weight training information and methods for aggressive bodybuilders, with a free

    Zen in the Art of Self-Resistance
    A weightless bodybuilding workout utilizing self-resistance, isotonics, isometrics,
    and stretching.

  • One morning I just wasn’t inspired go through my routine, and ended up stopping altogether

  • The problem was that the enthusiasm of previous years just wasn’t there and it took every ounce of resolve I had to get through the routines

  • I kept up my morning routine for six months until, finally, I felt the need to give it a rest

  • I experimented with various exercises, integrating those exercises I found to be effective into a routine I was developing

  • The end result is that I have put together the most efficient and effective weightless workout routine I possibly could

  • Time - I wanted to develop a routine that could be performed in one setting that would take no longer than 35 to 45 minutes

  • By integrating these exercises into your daily routine and performing them faithfully week after week, and month after month, your muscles will dramatically strengthen and grow! Why Zen? Zen is the Oriental philosophy, or more accurately, the state of being, of total control

  • Because you are using your own body to develop your own body, the whole routine becomes as much an exercise in meditation as it is an exercise in building muscle

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