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    Paris Bennett Proves Early Idol Favorite | American Idol :
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  • I can work just as well without my pants.' (Thanks to ) Posted to | by Tony Tuesday, March 14, 2006 Does that strike anyone as necessary? Unless it features extensive footage of Ace and Chris in the shower , I'd have to go with 'No.' 'Idol Tonight' will be hosted by finalist Kimberly Caldwell, featuring exclusive footage and interviews with cast, crew, and miscellaneous hangers on

  • You know those tediously scripted profiles that Idol shows before each singer goes on

  • American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra's stalker will be getting a third opinion this week

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    Why Taylor Hicks will win American Idol. By Jody Rosen - Slate ...
    Music critic Jody Rosen details why he's convinced Hicks deserves and will win
    the AI5 crown.

  • American Idol Why Taylor Hicks will take the crown

  • By Jody Rosen Posted Monday, May 22, 2006, at 10:52 PM ET The fifth season of American Idol will come to a close with the crowning of a new champ on Wednesday night, and I for one will be distraught

  • This season my casual Idol fandom became a full-fledged addiction

  • Idol 's already stratospheric Nielsen ratings soared higher this season, and last week more than 50 million votes were cast in the balloting that set tonight's final showdown between and

  • Last Wednesday night, Idol 's producers decided to gloat, trotting out music mogul Clive Davis to reel off a staggering list of album sales—'Kelly Clarkson, 10 million units; Ruben Studdard, 2 million units; Clay Aiken, 3 million units'—totaling 33 million records to date by Idol winners and also-rans

  • Davis, who has overseen the debut CDs of Idol 's first four victors, gave a little speech chiding 'skeptics' who had questioned the show's potential to break new stars, which got it about half right

  • After the first season, only a few crackpots dared doubt Idol 's marketplace muscle, but the show was widely scorned as evidence of musical values in decline—a noble and lively American art had been reduced to a karaoke contest with, as Matt Feeney in Slate in 2004, 'an abiding aesthetic of kitsch optimism.' Today, most of those critics have quieted down, and not just because they've succumbed to Idol 's goofy charms, such as Simon Cowell's baffling critical Esperanto ('Katharine, that performance was almost a moment') or the spectacle of Paula Abdul's slow descent into madness - American Idol 24/7: Fantasia's 'Great Lady' Tour
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  • Kristin Cavallari, Wentworth Miller, American Idol fan site for Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, Elliott Yamin, Carrie Underwood, Constantine Maroulis, Anthony Fedorov, Jordis Unga, and Fantasia Barrino!   | Wednesday, April 14, 2004 Fantasia’s ‘Great Lady’ Tour Fantasia Barrino - This girl rocks

  • 4 Posted by: | I was in love with her performance last night (4/15/04)!!! I plead with Fantasia to put her soulful and heartfelt rendetion of Summertime on her first CD!!! American Idol or not, Fantasia is a star and I anxiouly await her arrival

  • I think that she will take it all the way and become the next American Idol

  • I will buy it as soon as it is released, at whatever cost! 12 Posted by: | Is this the new Idol forum? hehe

  • 16 Posted by: | I feel an obligation to vote for my four favorite contestants but Fantasia BLEW me away! I sat there there still..Amazed…She was so fabulous that I didn’t feel like I needed to vote for her ever again because if she doesnt win, American Idol is through!!! 17 Posted by: | The best talent of american idol period and the best i’ve seen out of all three idol shows - The Official Fan Site
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  • BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS WINS SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD @ Down with tyranny: Jessica Alba, Green Day, Ciara Weigh In On 'Idol' Finale @ VH1: Monday, May 22nd, 2006 Green Day end their vacation @ MTV: Costello celebrated at Trump @ Philly: ASCAP Awards Honor Green Day, 50 Cent @ ABC: Thursday, May 18th 2006 Vote for Green Day at the 2006 Much Music Video Awards: Billie Joe and Mike were at the 15th Annual Music Videos Production awards last Thursday, May 11th

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  • With last week's eviction of Kevin Covais, the 'American Idol' competition stiffens and the grooming chores get tougher as our quartet of coaches eyes the narrowing race

    Classic Trenyce -- A Fansite Dedicated To American Idol Alum Trenyce
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  • Classic Trenyce A Fansite Dedicated To American Idol Alum Trenyce NAVIGATION Trenyce Web Check out for more news and pictures! Work On The Album Has Begun As you know, Trenyce has been starring in the musical 'Not A Day Goes By, which has been touring major U.S

  • If you don't make it on AMERICAN IDOL, what will you do? I will be back in Memphis working on a demo

  • What is your definition of an AMERICAN IDOL? One who can feel comfortable in their own skin but also uphold an image that all colors can relate to

  • Why do you want to be an AMERICAN IDOL? Because I want to be a success at the thing I love doing, singing! I am ready to retire my parents & live comfortably for the rest of my life and continue to help those I wish I could do more for now


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  • So You Think You Can Dance is a reality dance show aired of course by the Fox Television Network, who also broadcasts American Idol

  • The show premiered on July 20, 2005 and has a similar premise to the American Idol series of singing competitions, with nationwide auditions leading to the discovery of the next big star, but simply for finding a dancer

  • Now, not only has Miss Stevens made her first US cameo celeb appearance on a national television show (American Idol), but she has managed to do the same with her UK British electro-pop hit Some Girls

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    Reality TV Magazine: Is Simon Cowell Trying To Keep Taylor Hicks ...
    Joe Reality argues that producer Cowell is purposely sabotaging Hicks.

  • Feeds Categories September 2006 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 26 27 28 29 30 Archives Reality TV Links | April 17, 2006 Is Simon Cowell Trying To Keep Taylor Hicks From Winning American Idol? Since the winner of American Idol is signed to Simon Cowell’s record label, it would seem only natural that Simon would be very interested in the outcome of the competition

  • There’s no denying that Taylor Hicks has a style unlike any other singer who has been on American Idol before

  • For other great American Idol news, please also check out or

  • Posted by Joe Reality on April 17, 2006 at 12:05 AM in | Enter Your Email To Subscribe To Reality TV Newsletter Powered by TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference : » from American Idol had an interesting article about Simon trying to make sure Taylor Hicks doesnt win

  • Somewhere along the way I had forgotten that the winner of American Idol signs on to Simon Cowells record label

  • Simon may not want Taylor, but if we keep voting like we have been, then Taylor will win and be the next American Idol IF the votes really count and they don't manipulate the vote

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  • The story is about a dashing, smug but romantic silent film star and swashbuckling matinee idol (Don Lockwood) and his glamorous blonde screen partner/diva (Lina Lamont) who are expected, by studio heads, to pretend to be romantically involved with each other

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