Iranians to Bush: Take this axis of evil and shove it - Salon
Describing the Iranian perspective that President Bush's characterization was
ignorant bullying that will only slow reform.

The mutual fund from hell - Salon
"Investing in the war on terror could be a winning proposition -- even if we lose."
By Christopher Ketcham. [Salon] - Iran rejects 'axis of evil' barb - January 30, 2002

  • Bush that Iran was part of an 'axis of evil.' Bush said in his State of the Union address on Tuesday that Iran, Iraq and North Korea were attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction

  • Bush had said the United States would not permit those countries in the 'axis of evil' to threaten it with such weapons - Daschle takes issue with Bush's 'axis of evil ...

  • From Dana Bash CNN Washington Bureau WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said Tuesday that he does not agree with President Bush's description of Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an 'axis of evil.' 'It conjures up the notion that we have a single-minded, unilateral policy affecting all three countries identically, and I don't think that's the case, ' said the South Dakota Democrat

  • 'President Bush is speaking the truth, what we hope will come out of it is change, ' said Lott, who likened the term to former President Ronald Reagan's assessment of the Soviet Union as an 'evil empire.'

  • info: AXIS OF EVIL

    Photo by - Beijing blasts Bush on 'axis of evil' - February 3, 2002
    [CNN] - Powell, Rice defend Bush's 'axis of evil' speech ...

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  • AUGUST 2006 NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF A review of EVERYBODY'S TALKING Discuss Elias Khoury's Gate of the Sun in our Next month, literature from the 'Axis of Evil.' Last month, TEMPERS AND TEMPERATURES RISE In the murderous summer heat—when, to quote Raymond Chandler, 'Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks'—we invite you to chill with the icy killers, con men, and cops of our second noir issue

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  • Q: Are all axes evil? A: No

  • He is also the author of numerous bestselling pulp-prophecy books, like his recent Jerusalem Countdown , in which he cites various unnamed Israeli intelligence sources to claim that Iran is producing nuclear 'suitcase bombs.' The only way to defeat the Iranian evildoers, he says, is a full-scale military assault

    Iran Puts Off FM's Trip To Russia In Spat Over Meetings
    Describing conflicts arising between Iraq and Russia, in relation to joint
    technology programs with possible military application.

  • Bush labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an 'axis of evil, ' accusing them of seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction

  • Bush has classed along with Iraq and North Korea as part of an 'axis of evil'

  • Russia has expressed strong support for the US military campaign in Afghanistan, but scorned Washington's suggestion that an 'axis of evil' is sponsoring international terrorism

  • Bush said last month that North Korea was part of an 'axis of evil' with Iran and Iraq that was spreading weapons of mass destruction

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  • Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors in year 2000 that sold "axis of evil" North Korea nuclear reactors! Is Mr.Bush happy about this? EXTRA BONUS: Here is flip flop Rumsfeld lying about Iraq WMD claims

  • IRAN SUPPLIES: Is Bush happy England sold "axis of evil" Iran nuclear goods in 2002?

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    Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The Saddam and George show
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    Hussein in a televised debate.

  • Bush: First of all I would just like to welcome my evil friend to the UN, one of the great American institutions for the propulsion of freedom throughout the world

  • Bush: That's because the great United American States of America are on the side of rightliness and Americanity, against an evil Axis of Evil made up of Iraq, North Korea and..

  • Saddam: I will tell you frankly and directly that Iraq is not part of any Axis of Evil

    Foreign Policy: Think Again: The Korea Crisis
    The authors of this article argue that North Korea is "not crazy, near collapse
    or about to start a war," but is nonetheless dangerous and needs to be better ...

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  • During the, North sold arms to Iran, an 'axis of evil' nation, and diverted profits from those sales to the Contras

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  • tr) 1 The third member of the axis of evil

  • For example, “I need to arrange some facetime with you next week.” feature/scope creep (n.) CONTRIBUTED BY OUR USERS! 1 The temptation to add more and more features to a product release until it becomes a confused mass of incongruous elements, twisted and evil

  • tr.) 3 A transitive verb meaning 'encourage' or 'influence': 'The program was set up to incent users to spend more.' Also the leading member of the incent-incentivize-disincent axis of evil

  • tr) 5 The second member of the incent-incentivize-disincent axis of evil

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  • Why did they nonetheless fight on? As Anscombe wrote: "It was the insistence on unconditional surrender that was the root of all evil." That mad formula was coined by Roosevelt at the Casablanca conference, and, with Churchill’s enthusiastic concurrence, it became the Allied shibboleth

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    We Must Unite to Prevent An Ayatollah Nuke
    An article regarding Irans strive to acquire nuclear weapons, written by Shimon
    Peres, of Israel.

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    General discussion of US policy and of the positioning of Cuba's economy and
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  • government ominously decreed that Cuba belonged to the extended version of the “axis of evil, ” envisaging the elimination of the Cuban “vicious circle” * at an early phase of the aggressively promoted “new American Century, ” I wrote in the foreword to the Indian edition of Socialism or Barbarism: We are about to leave the twentieth century, described by capital’s most vocal apologists as “the American century”

  • Indeed, as mentioned earlier, Cuba has been also singled out as one of the states constituting the extended “axis of evil, ” with all of the sinister implications of such a characterization

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