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Interview show with guests from the world of the arts, sciences, the media, and
other areas of interest.

  • Stevenson talks about the unique challenges of the office of Secretary of Defense and the people who have served in the office | April 17, 2006: NYU Professor of American Studies Andrew Ross discusses corporate flight and the lessons of free trade as explained in his latest book, Fast Boat to China: Lessons from Shanghai

    Canadian Photographers Network: professional photographers in ...
    An online community helping Canadian photographers improve their businesses.
    Includes discussion forums, articles, business forms, directory of services and ...

  • by Andrew Ross John Bartosik owner/photographer of JB Photoworks is proud to announce that one of his images has been selected by Fuel Advertising representing the Ministry of Finance to sell 2006 Ontario Savings Bonds

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    Northminster Presbyterian Church - Tucson, Arizona - Home
    An informative guide to their Christian ministries, missions and services.
    The jewel here is the virtual tour. Comprehensive in scope.

  • Greetings from Pastor Ross 'Say a FEW words about Northminster!? That's a hard assignment for a preacher! But when I think about this church ..

  • Andrew Ross, Pastor A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith September 13-November 15, 2006 Wednesday Nights at 6:00 P.M

  • Our hope is that you will see and experience Jesus in your worship - please join us! 8:00 AM Contemporary Worship, 9:30 AM Traditional Worship, 11:00 AM Traditional Worship, 6:58 PM (Updated 2006.09.25 1418 MST) We offer an original morning devotional, penned by our own Andy Ross, each weekday at, that enables readers to begin their day the right way – Christ-centered, and in reflection upon God’s word

  • Our Sunday night broadcast, Lift High the Cross , features a replay of that morning's worship service, typically the 9:30 A.M

  • September 27 interview: Mel Young of the discusses issues of stewardship with Pastor Andy Ross

  • info: ANDREW ROSS

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    The Loom: Island of the Lost Hominids
    Article by Carl Zimmer about the significance of the discovery of this new hominid.
    From Corante: The Loom.

    List of Queueing Theory Software
    List of Queueing Theory Software, including useful simulation tools. The list
    was compiled by Dr. Myron Hlynka of the University of Windsor, who welcomes any ...

  • Andrew Ross' links to queueing software

  • Both QtsPlus and QtsPlus4Calc are based on the textbook 'Fundamentals of Queueing Theory', 3rd Ed, 1998, Gross and Harris, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN 0-471-17083-6

  • QtsPlus (currently) and QtsPlus4Calc (once the conversion work is completed) have models in the following areas: Basic probability calculators Finite and infinite birth-death process models Single server queueing models Multiple server queueing models Bulk queueing models Priority queueing models Network queueing models Simulation models Donald Gross ( and James M

  • (entered March 3, 2003) MATLAB code for queues, by Andrew Ross

  • (entered Sept 7, 2001) Tom Grossman's Spreadsheet Queueing Simulation Templates in EXCEL

  • (information updated January 11, 2002) Some (basic) queueing tools written by Andrew Ross in MATLAB, available at (entered June 17, 2000.) There is some EXCEL code to accompany Gross and Harris' queueing text at (information added Feb, 2000) Extend at used in conjunction with the text mentioned at Information checked January 2003

  • Harris, Carl and Gross, Donald

    Myron Hlynka's Queueing Theory Page
    Links to topics related to the subject.

  • General Queueing Theory (by Andrew Ferrier) Network Queueing Theory (by Robert Kay) Applications of Queueing Theory (by Henry Morgan) Andrew Ross' Queueing Resources

    Russell Crowe (I)
    Filmography, biography, triva and photographs.

  • Alex Ross ..

  • Benefits

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    I want to be an 'ologist - Natural History Museum
    Scientists from the Natural History Museum describe their jobs, and why they
    chose to work with rocks or insects or fossils.

    classical music
    Links to orchestras world-wide; internet radio station links, a classical music
    guide, quiz, timeline, statistics, free websites for classical musicians, ...

    Andrew Brook, Don Ross (eds.) - Daniel Dennett - Reviewed by Dave ...
    Dave Beisecker reviews this book edited by Andrew Brook and Don Ross.

  • Search for 2002.11.04 Andrew Brook, Don Ross (eds.) Daniel Dennett Brook, Andrew and Ross, Don (eds.), Daniel Dennett , Cambridge University Press, 2002, 302pp, $20.00 (pbk), ISBN 0521008646

  • Brook and Ross portray Dennett as a key figure in the cognitivist revolution, which replaced the “simple empiricism” of Ryle and Quine with a view that human action requires interpretation in terms of “a rich repertoire of mental states and processes, ” which are best identified “by viewing the mental as having the shape it has due to natural selection.”(p.12) They particularly note the increasingly prominent role Dennett assigns to evolution in grounding applications of the intentional stance

  • He can see how language might enable us to spin narratives that enable us to cross a threshold to become genuine persons capable of morally responsible deliberation, but he fails to see how language has much to do with phenomenal consciousness

  • Paul Churchland’s essay also challenges the idea that our distinctive type of consciousness is a culturally transmitted meme or virtual machine that spreads across brains as computer viruses spread through computer networks

    Ross, Eric
    Picture, biography, compositions for Theremin, and recordings.

  • - - - - - - Username: Password: Remember Login New user? (it's free!) - - Eric Ross New! - | To learn more about Eric Ross, be sure to visit his too

  • American composer Eric Ross received his B.A

  • Ross has toured throughout Europe and the USA

  • With Mary Ross, photographer, video and computer artist, he presents original multi-media concerts combining music, visual art, and dance

  • Theremin Duets with Youseff Yancy and Eric Ross

  • 'Eric Ross Live in NY', 'Pieces for Ensemble (Op

  • 'Eric Ross Ensemble Vol

  • 3 'Eric Ross Ensemble Vol

  • 4 'Eric Ross: Scenes from an Electronic Opera (Op

  • Composer Ross, Eric & Mary

  • Eric Ross Trio with Oliver Lake and Andrew Cyrille (1991) Gilmore International Keyboard Festival - Kalamazoo, MI, USA

  • Multi-media concert with video by Mary Ross (1994) Amsterdam, Holland

  • Multi-media concert with video by Mary Ross (1990) Nurnburg, Germany Ost-West Jazz Festival

  • Multi-media concert with video by Mary Ross (1996) Syracuse, NY Jazz Festival

  • Eric Ross trio with Oliver Lake and Andrew Cyrille (1996) Toronto, Canada Jazz Festival


    Betsy Ross: Her Life
    Biography and timeline for Betsy Ross who was asked by George Washington to sew
    the first American flag. Includes flag facts.

  • Betsy Ross Homepage Resources: Betsy Ross: Her Life Click for enlargement One year before William Penn founded Philadelphia in 1681, Betsy Ross's great-grandfather, Andrew Griscom, a Quaker carpenter, had already emigrated from England to New Jersey

  • It was at her job that Betsy fell in love with another apprentice, John Ross, who was the son of an Episcopal assistant rector at Christ Church

  • On a November night in 1773, 21-year-old Betsy eloped with John Ross

  • They ferried across the Delaware River to Hugg's Tavern and were married in New Jersey

  • Betsy and John Ross keenly felt the impact of the war

  • While guarding an ammunition cache in mid-January 1776, John Ross was mortally wounded in an explosion

  • In late May or early June of 1776, according to Betsy's telling, she had that fateful meeting with the Committee of Three: George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris, which led to the sewing of the first flag

  • (The Free Quaker Meeting House, which still stands a few blocks from the Betsy Ross House, was built in 1783, after the war was over.) Betsy would be married again in June 1777, this time to sea captain Joseph Ashburn in a ceremony performed at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia

    Business - International Herald Tribune
    Online international business, finance and stock market quote news, as well as
    a currency converter, the Money Report column and international bond news.

  • By MATT RICHTEL / NYT The development provides the first definitive indication of how the sports gambling Web site would respond to what has been an aggressive and unusual cross-jurisdictional move by U.S

  • , edited by Andrew Ross Sorkin, The NYTimes's chief mergers and acquisitions reporter &nbspCorruption in Asia Pilgrimage is $575 million business in Indonesia

    Andrew De Moray
    Essay on de Moray and his involvement in the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

  • He raises the standard of revolt against the English and soon gathers a small army of rebels at Avoch castle, a scant 7 miles distant from Inverness across the Inverness Firth

  • In a few short hours, another army shows up on the scene, under the command of the Countess of Ross and her son

  • The Countess is in the field on the side of the English, for her husband, the Earl of Ross, is in an English prison, and she is trying to win his release by taking Edward's side

  • The Ross lands are adjacent to the de Moray lands

  • Upon leaving Urquhart, Andrew led his army into Ross and took Balconie Castle from the Countess, thus teaching her that siding with the English had it's consequences

  • Next, he crosses the Spey into Banffshire and settles his army at Boharm, one of his father's principal castles, to await the forces coming to quell his rebellion

  • Safe for the time being within the walls of Inverness Castle, Edward's assignees gather to themselves the remaining forces in the Highlands still considered loyal to Edward's cause, those being Sir William de Fitzwarine, Constable of Urquhart Castle, John of the Aird, and the Countess of Ross, with their respective feudal retainers

    Far Eastern Economic Review
    Interactive Edition with news from the far East.

  • Ross and Gong Li Reviewed by Amy E

    AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio - audio processing software ...
    Interactive musician's environment offers music composition by sound synthesis
    and "contraptions".

  • News Advanced workshops, Australia, July 2006 Thanks to the help of many people AudioMulch's creator Ross Bencina be presenting 'advanced' AudioMulch workshops around Australia over the next few weeks

  • 24th - 27th October 2005 - Dutch Mulch Week Ross is currently a resident artist at STEIM in Amsterdam

    What the Social Text Affair Does and Does Not Prove
    Article by Alan Sokal.

  • When one analyzes these writings, one often finds radical-sounding assertions whose meaning is ambiguous, and which can be given two alternate readings: one as interesting, radical, and grossly false; the other as boring and trivially true

    Andrew Balfour
    The career of this pioneer of tropical medicine. Vintage photographs and links
    are also included.

    history sf
    A brief historical survey of women writers of science fiction.

  • I crossed in the boat instead

  • Gernsback's valorization of science over style is only one example of his impact on the field, for science fiction as a genre had much literary potential despite its patriarchal framework, as Andrew Ross explains: Although the universal language of science and rationality popularized in pulp SF was tailored to a rather narrow, white-male constituency, it could still be construed as a populist refusal of the elitist vehicles of 'literary' speech and 'metaphysical' discourse that had traditionally dominated Western literate culture

  • Young gay readers who come to this book are not wondering where in the world they can sneak off to find any novel about gay life at all, the way I had to when I was a kid' ( Across The Wounded Galaxies 77)

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