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Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry
Criticizes how Kerry received his military awards, and how he helped to lead
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).

  • Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry Founders of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry HELP us maintain this web site! Make a Secure online Donation Now! Contributions or gifts to VVAJK are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes

  • Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry is part of the editorial division of the on line newspaper

  • John Forbes Kerry regularly mentions his Vietnam War combat experience, during which he received three Purple Hearts, the Silver Star and Bronze Star

  • Kerry, the "noble statesman" and "highly decorated Vietnam vet" of today, is a Far cry from Kerry, the radical, hippie-like leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in the early 1970s

  • Soon after Kerry, as a Navy Lieutenant (junior grade) commanding a Swift boat in Vietnam, was awarded the Silver Star, he used an obscure Navy regulation to leave Vietnam and his crew before completing his tour of duty

  • Kerry wasted no time organizing opposition in the United States against the efforts of his former buddies still ducking communist bullets back in Vietnam

  • Kerry's betrayal of American prisoners of war, his blatant disrespect for the families of our missing in action, Vietnam veterans, the military, his support for communist Vietnam and his waffling over the issue of use of force in Iraq proves he is a self promoting who cannot be relied on to protect the best interests of the United States

    Veterans Organizations and Support Groups
    Information and links to organizations and support groups throughout the world.

  • The VVHP's 'Veterans Organizations and Support Groups' Page (Includes contacts in our Allied Countries) This page contains information and links to Vietnam Veteran's organizations and support groups throughout the world

  • (Updated: 20 August '06) A World Wide Web Locator for Veterans and Friends of Veterans who are looking for other Vietnam Veterans

  • (Updated: Frequently) A Question and Answer forum on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder originally founded by Patience Mason, Author of Recovering From The War - A Woman's Guide To Helping Your Vietnam Vet, YourFamily, And Yourself and publisher of THE POST-TRAUMATIC GAZETTE

  • Collins and Pranee Robinson E-mail contact: West Palm Beach, FL formerly the This wonderful project builds schools in Vietnam Government Organizations (U.S.A

  • and Canada) Search the Library of Congress Vietnam War POW/MIA on-line database Here

  • (Last Update: 12/30/04 - JPR) VETERANS IN CONGRESS link (Executive Branch) (Vets running for publicoffice) (Gov't and Private) Vietnam Veteran Organizations in other countries Canadian Vietnam Veteran Organizations Australian Vietnam Veteran Organizations New Zealand Vietnam Veteran Organizations South Vietnamese Veteran Organizations South Korean Vietnam Veteran Organizations Thai Vietnam Veteran Organizations Miscellaneous Veteran-related Issues: of relations with the government of Vietnam.Arguments Pro and Con

    Nhat Nam Vo Phai
    Giới thiệu môn võ Nhật nam - môn võ thuật cổ truyền của dân tộc Việt Nam.

  • Chào mừng các bạn đến với Nhất Nam - Vietnamese traditional martial arts Hoặc Hoặc Hoặc Như nước Đại Việt ta từ trước, vốn xưng nền văn hiến đã lâu, núi sông bờ cõi đã chia, phong tục Bắc - Nam cũng khác


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    American Veterans
    Message board with opinions and tributes from US Armed Forces Veterans.


  • 1964 to 1979 I chased bad guys all over South East Asia Viet Nam 12-22-64 to 12-8-65 - 3rd Radio Research Unit, Davis Station, Viet Nam

  • Davis, the first American soldier deliberately targeted for death by the Viet Cong, or, at that time, the Viet Minh

  • Also assigned to 51st ASA Special Operations Command, headquartered on Okinawa, providing support to MAC SOG, Special Forces and other tailored organizations, chasing bad guys all over in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam

  • 3 tours in Thailand in '68, '72-'73 and '75-'76.1979 - 1982 In Germany chasing soviet Union bad guys.1982 - 1986 In the States with lots of time spent in Central and South America chasing Communist and drug running bad guys

    Vietnam Veterans Writers Project
    Literature written by Vietnam Veterans.

    Military Women in Vietnam
    In Vietnam, Army, Navy and Air Force Nurses and Medical Specialists numbered over
    six thousand. This page discusses all women who served in Vietnam from 1964 to ...

  • Vietnam Southeast Asia 1964-1973 Over 58, 000 Americans killed, 200, 000 wounded and Women Were There! After one of the most futile conflicts in the history of war, scorned byflag burners and shunned by citizens, G.I's returned to find respect forour troops hitting an all time low

  • What is truly unconscionable in the annals of American military historyis the fact that little or no data exists on the women who served and, yes, were injured or killed, in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam era

  • Over five hundred WACs were stationed in Vietnam

  • Women Marines were in Vietnam

  • Da Nang, South Vietnam, 1968..United States Navy nurse Lieutenant Commander Joan Brouilette checks the condition of Pfc

  • Women served in Vietnam in many support staff assignments, in hospitals, crewed on medical evacuation flights, with MASH Units, hospital ships, operationsgroups, information offices, service clubs, headquarters offices, and numerousother clerical, medical, intelligence and personnel positions

  • Women suffered the same hardships as the men inmany cases and were often in the line of fire from rockets and mortars, particularly during the Tet offensive with the Viet Cong attacks on Saigon

    The Danang/Quang Nam Fund, Inc.
    Organization that provides aid to the poorest of the poor in Danang City and
    Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam.

  • Agent Orange Letters Project The Danang/Quang Nam Fund collected nearly 4, 000 letters from Agent Orange victims in Viet Nam that are being archived on this site

  • These letters and accompanying photographs show the horrendous personal cost resulting from the use of Agent Orange in Viet Nam by the United States military

  • Board Member Peter Keenan with chidren from Hoa Van Leprosy Village This is the ONLY humanitarian organization that provides this aid in Viet Nam to those whom others are unable to help

  • Hoa Van Leprosy Village Agent Orange Child SUNY Brockport Vietnam Program students delivering aid provided by The Fund to an Agent Orange disabled child and his family in Hoa Vang District, Danang, in March 2005

  • LEPERS AND LUNACY: AN AMERICAN IN VIETNAM TODAY Ken Herrmann, Jr., a Vietnam War veteran and executive director of the Danang/Quang Nam Fund, recently completed Lepers and Lunacy: An American in Vietnam Today

  • This book is the account of a war veteran who returned to Viet Nam, only to discover that he had never really left

  • Both areas are in Central Viet Nam, about 400 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City and 400 miles south of Hanoi

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    FVA - Free Vietnam Alliance
    Seeks to promote the development of democracy and human rights in Vietnam.
    Offers latest news and details of activities.

  • Contents Universal Declaration of Human Rights Congressional Human Rights Caucus Vietnam Time 'Lowlights' of Phan Van Khai's Unwelcome Tour in North America: Seatte, Jun 19, 2005: VC Prime Minister Phan Van Khai was called 'a liar' by Rev

  • Binh Huynh when declaring there are no religious oppressions in Vietnam

  • Realizing that this is America, not Vietnam, Khai abruptly cancelled the press conference

  • Congress opens hearing on human rights violations in Vietnam

  • As Bush and Khai talked, Hanoi arrested 10 Buddhist monks in Vietnam

  • At an evening gala, a Vietnam veteran sprayed wine on Khai to protest Hanoi policies on POW/MIA

  • (Note: Vietnam sent military advisers to help Iraq in the 1st Gulf war

  • Only Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea supported Saddam Hussein in the 2nd Gulf war.) Washington DC, June 22, 2005: New Vietnam Human Rights Bill introduced in Congress New York City, Jun 23, 2005: 'Liar' Khai brought bad luck to Wall Street: Dow fell 166 points ! Boston, June 24, 2005: 700 people protested against Phan Van Khai 'the liar'

  • San Francisco, June 24, 2005 More than 100 people showed up to protest Viet cong vice minister of Finance Le Thi Bang Tam

    Jane Fonda AKA Hanoi Jane
    Describes that actions this actress took when visiting North Vietnam during the
    time of conflict, and provides background on how many veterans view her.

  • gun crew Color photo of Jane Fonda sitting in the gun seat Jane Fonda smiling with NVA gun crew Jane Fonda laughing with an NVA gun crew Another student had requested the transcript of Jane Fonda's radio address which she had broadcast in North Vietnam

  • During my two week visit in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, I've had the opportunity to visit a great many places and speak to a large number of people from all walks of life- workers, peasants, students, artists and dancers, historians, journalists, film actresses, soldiers, militia girls, members of the women's union, writers

  • In the shadow of the Temple of Literature I saw Vietnamese actors and actresses perform the second act of Arthur Miller's play All My Sons, and this was very moving to me- the fact that artists here are translating and performing American plays while US imperialists are bombing their country

  • I cherish the memory of the blushing militia girls on the roof of their factory, encouraging one of their sisters as she sang a song praising the blue sky of Vietnam- these women, who are so gentle and poetic, whose voices are so beautiful, but who, when American planes are bombing their city, become such good fighters

    Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
    Preserves, promotes and perpetuates the history, tradition and contributions of
    the Buffalo Soldiers toward the development and defense of the United States of ...

  • s The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum (BSNM) The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum (BSNM) a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution was founded in the year 2000 by a Viet Nam Veteran and African-American military historian, Mr

  • Jackson, a highly decorated Viet Nam veteran

    The American Liberalism Project -- A Progressive Forum
    Contains definitions, comments, opinions, articles, links, and references relating
    to Liberalism in the United States of America.


    Risk Services & Technology - Home Page
    Describes RST software solution for risk management. Includes company and services

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    Hmong Life in the United States - Information by Jeff Lindsay
    Background and history of the Hmong in Asia and America.

  • Few people know their history, their role in fighting for the US in the Vietnam War, and the challenges they face today in this strange country

  • LoBaido Many Americans mistake them for Chinese or Vietnamese, but the many Hmong immigrants in our nation are from a distinct culture

  • came mainly from Laos as refugees after the Vietnam War

  • They fought bravely and suffered many causalities, but once we pulled out from Vietnam and left them in the lurch, the North Vietnamese and their puppet government in Laos marked the Hmong for genocidal extinction

  • While serving in special guerrilla units during the Vietnam War, between 10, 000 and 20, 000 Hmong men, women and children were killed, and more than 100, 000 fled to Thai refugee camps

  • Vietnam veteran Bob Anderson is deeply involved with the local Hmong population and often travels to Laos...

  • This book documents the genocide that has been practiced against the Hmong people by the tyrannical governments of Laos and Vietnam

  • The long campaign of the Laotian and Vietnamese governments to destroy the Hmong is vengeance for Hmong support of the United States in the Vietnam war

    Vietnam Donut Dollies
    Where are they now? Photos, forum, locater, stories.

  • Your outstanding website is by far the honest truth about what you guys did in the Vietnam War

  • We loved you guys then and we love you today! Love ya all, John "E.o.D." Hubbs Webmaster-229th Avn Bn-(Vietnam) All Rights Reserved © 2003 by Vietnam Donut Dollies

    Remembering - Tribute to Veterans
    A tribute to all who served their country. Lay a virtual bouquet in honor of a
    friend or loved one. Links to veteran's organizations and all major US conflicts.

  • Casualty was on 09/25/67 in NORTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, SEA CASUALTY ARTILLERY, ROCKET, or MORTAR Body was recovered Religion PROTESTANT Panel 27E - - Line 8 From , Dan's site, is dedicated to his father, Winfred and Richard Archer

    Click Here: Rainbow People
    This is a Rainbow page with a christian orientation from the Jesus camp clan.

  • Just One Man's Opinion: Each year, throughout The United States, a group of Viet Nam Vets, Veterans, gypsies, hippies, yippies, red neckers, cults, communes, Catholics, Christians, pagans, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Hari Krishnas, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Episcopalians, Seventh Day Adventists (almost every religion & denomination), medicine men, shamans, alcoholics, runaways, dropouts, druggies, the homeless, the displaced, the disenfranchised, the disillusioned, the depressed, and those on the run from the law, meet to celebrate their independence or desire for independence from Babylon and to pray for World Peace

  • Originally they were mostly Viet Nam Veterans, like myself, and anti-war protesters meeting to pray for World Peace

    The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall Page
    Contains articles and photos of the Wall and a search-able database of the names
    listed on it.

  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War

  • Major Michael Davis O'Donnell 1 January 1970 Dak To, Vietnam Listed as KIA February 7, 1978 The Wall USA is a non-profit endeavor maintained by veterans of the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment for the benefit of all

    Joseph Ellis Vietnam War Wannabe
    Assorted critical news and opinion articles about the historian's lie about
    serving in the Vietnam War.

  • Joseph Ellis Vietnam War Wannabe Joseph Ellis Vietnam War Wannabe _ THE DECISION August 17, 2001 Joseph Ellis, Liar - According to the Boston Globe , Professor Joseph Ellis, a winning professional historian serving on the faculty of Mount Holyoke College has been caught lying

  • He is scheduled to resume teaching, Fall Semester 2002 Phony War Stories and other fibs - Joseph Ellis concocted a phony tale of war service in Vietnam

  • Vietnam War Wannabe - Last year, Ellis told the Boston Globe that he went to Vietnam in 1965 as a platoon leader and paratrooper with the 101st Airborne and also served on the staff of General Westmoreland

  • Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Chair Eleanor Graham Claus Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College July 20, 2001 Mount Holyoke College Discussion Forum 'Mount Holyjoke' (On summer break May 27) 3215 Blanchard Campus Center South Hadley, MA 01075-6007 Phone 413.538.2269 Fax 413.538.2476 Pulitzer Prize References _ College investigates - Mount Holyoke College announced their investigation of Joseph Ellis and at the same time announced that Ellis had given up teaching a course on the history of the United States and Vietnam

    Your Guide to the Kevin Kellys on the Internet
    A listing of news, articles, quotes, and websites by or about Kevin Kelly.

  • Louis, Missouri, USA, a Captain with American Airlines and a Viet Nam veteran

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